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@whitties.org going away? 
24th-Apr-2006 10:37 pm
Well, this is irritating:
Greetings from Whitman College:

Over the next few weeks the Whitman College Alumni Association will be
rolling out a new electronic directory for Whitman College Alumni known as
Whitman Online. The directory provides an opportunity to update your
contact information online, update your graduate school and business contact
information as well as any other information you wish to share including a

At the same time, we are changing our email forwarding address and promoting
our new one -- @ alumni.whitman.edu. Since you currently have a
whitties.org address, we wanted you to be the first to hear and let you know
that the opportunity to change will arrive in your inbox shortly. We hope
that you will sign up for the new email forwarding address and that it will
better identify your connection to Whitman College. The email forwarding
will provide enhanced spam filtering as well as virus checking capabilities.
We think you will like the new features.

When you register for the directory, please take the time to change your
@whitties.org address to the new @alumni.whitman.edu address when prompted
to do so. We don't want you to lose your connections so we will send
reminders for you to change and give you time to switch over and notify your
friends of the new address. (We ask that you do so by 9/30/06.)

So look for the new directory in your inbox soon with the information you
will need to register. If you are no longer using your whitties.org address
or have any questions, please contact me, Polly C. Schmitz, '83 Director of
Alumni Relations at schmitpc@whitman.edu .


Polly C. Schmitz, '83
Whitman College
Director of Alumni Relations

When I signed up for my whitties.org account a few years ago, I wondered why we didn't have something sensible like alumni.whitman.edu instead of something shorter but really informal like whitties.org. Now, years later, the alumni relations people have apparently cottoned on to this issue. Why couldn't they have gotten their damn act together in the first place? I thought "lifetime e-mail forwarding" meant just that, not "e-mail forwarding for a few years until we figure out something really obvious." I sure hope "the opportunity to change" to the new address does not actually mean "it's mandatory to change whether you join the directory or not" - I've written to Ms. Schmitz to ask, but I'm not optimistic.

My daddy paid too much money for me to be massively inconvenienced like this! *stamps feet*
25th-Apr-2006 08:29 pm (UTC)
This sucks! Can we still opt to keep the @whitties.org account? I like the simple elegancy of @whitties.org. @alumni.whitman.edu is not mneumonic!
25th-Apr-2006 08:34 pm (UTC) - Answer: No!
E-mail response I got today:

"Whitties.org will stop as of 9/30/06 and we will be unable to forward your
current whitties.org to the new address should you sign up for it.
You can join the new directory with or without signing up for the new domain
name but it is something you can do at the same time.
We do regret the incovenience but feel that enough time is being provided to
make the switch and the plusses associated with the new email forwarding
(virus checking and spam filtering) are great benefits."

It'll be nice to have the spam filtering - I'm getting more now than I used to, and they don't apply POSTINI to alumni accounts currently the way they do to @whitman.edu accounts - but still, come on, it was painfully obvious that they ought to have used alumni.whitman.edu in the first place and now we have to pay for their indecisiveness, and they can't/won't even just FORWARD from the old to the new domain. I like that whitties.org is shorter, also, but it's so informal and unprofessional-looking, and generally unimpressive.

(Deleted comment)
25th-Apr-2006 09:47 pm (UTC)
I totally agree about the domain name itself - it's the timing I'm annoyed with. Instead, I had to switch from @whitman.edu to @whitties.org, which I was told was a lifetime address, and now I'm being forced to switch yet again, to the domain they should have been using from the start. *sigh* Once that switch is done, though, I don't see how they can change it again, and I suppose many of us will drift away from using our alumni accounts as primary e-mail contacts as we get older, anyway.
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