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6th-Mar-2006 09:32 pm - Hey Portland alums!
You've probably gotten a notification about this event: The alumni association has set up a night at the opera. A class of '91 alum, Mark Duffin, is playing Chairman Mao in the Portland Opera's upcoming production of Nixon in China. I remember hearing some of the music on KWCW and really liking it, so I think I may go. Is anyone else planning to attend? It's Saturday, March 25, at 7:30pm, with a pre-opera lecture at 6 by Dr. Bode. Tickets are $57 (orchestra rear) and $45 (second balcony). More info here.

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12th-Feb-2006 07:06 pm - Gray Wolves
phone secks
I'm not sure if this is completely appropriate to post here, but I want to shoot it up, anyway. I know Whitman has a strong community of bio majors, and many others who may appreciate being updated of this issue. I graduated with a bio degree from Whitman in 03, and have since worked with The Nature Conservancy, The Environmental Careers Organization, the BLM, and the Willamette Humane Society. My most influential experience, however, was with the Wolf Education and Research Center (WERC), in Winchester, ID. I was an intern there for three months last spring, helping care for a captive wolf pack. I was recently informed by my friends at WERC of a drastic measure on the part of the Idaho Fish and Game:

The Idaho Fish and Game is proposing a regulation that would decimate their recently re-introduced gray wolf population. They are considering killing off up to 75% of the wolves in many areas of Idaho, with a reasoning based on the biased results of one or two studies of elk populations. While the science of declining elk populations is a complicated matter, many studies show a variety of likely reasons, and wolf predation is almost always at the bottom of the list. If this is an issue that you care about, please take a few moments to look into it, and to write an email to the Idaho Fish and Game (wolfcomments@idfg.idaho.gov) encouraging them to reconsider this erroneous decision. For more information visit the WERC website, http://www.wolfcenter.org, and click on the link titled "Help stop this action."

Jon Hoiland
3rd-Feb-2006 05:00 am - Wasteful government spending
The Bush Admin is cutting *soooooo* many programs and putting *such* a strain on social workers these days. Why hasn't an altruistic political candidate come forward to talk about the $435 hammers and thousand dollar toilet seats that the government buys for itself? Eeesh!
Just to get some discussion going, I'll start with a couple of questions: what is everyone doing with their lives right now? What is important to you? How about a random fact you want other people to admire/encourage/point at and laugh?

I'm working on a Master's in Library Science (in between a full-time clerking job and a boyfriend) and the field-wide insistence that we're guardians of intellectual freedom is currently ruling my worldview. I'd like to see every person I meet grow into a responsible, informed citizen. For similar reasons, I'm also a volunteer with Pages to Prisoners, a non-profit that sends reading material and educational resources to the incarcerated. (Edit: Oh, and I'm currently in Bloomington, Indiana for school.)

Plus, I like to knit.

How about you? (Yes, you!)
unicorn moon
Hello, all. I've just removed the Alumni Friends site from this page, since people were having some privacy issues and also since hardly anyone visits the Friends page on these communities anyway.

Hopefully some of you will be able to breathe easier now.
11th-Jan-2006 10:44 pm - Non-LJ Bloggers
unicorn princess
Hey, folks! If you blog and don't have a LiveJournal account, drop me a line or post to the site and we'll list your site on the "About" page! Hopefully that way, people will be able to find you/your blog so that things won't be entirely one-way.
11th-Jan-2006 06:27 pm - I'm getting a squint
Having Old English in the headline is great, but it's awfully hard on the eyes in 10 point. Could we change the general posting font to something more readable? Sorry, Jackie, I know you love the pretty ones. :)

I'm Katy Myers, class of '03, by the way. *waves hello*
11th-Jan-2006 02:12 pm - listserv helped
Greetings and salutations, I saw the post on the alumni listserv and joined.
10th-Jan-2006 03:18 am - We're up!...But not quite rollin'...
unicorn moon
Whoo! We are open and ready for business. :D So, friends, what should we put on this site? Anyone have any suggestions for our title, subtitle, etc.? "The Wheels of Change Begin Here" doesn't quite sit well with me...if anyone comes up with something more poetic, just holler! What other terms should we use (like for leaving comments and stuff)?

Anyhoo. If anyone's reading this, be sure to tell your friends! It's only a community if there are people in it. =)

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