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Hello, and welcome to the Whitman College Alumni LiveJournal Community! Unlike the fabulous Whitties community (which focuses largely on campus affairs), this community is an eternal bastion of love, global support and unbridled intellect for Whitties who have journeyed far beyond the wheat fields.

What's so special about an alumni community, you may be wondering? Well, as we all know, our peers comprise a significant part of the Whitman experience; and as we enter the "real world," acquiring and assimilating new perspectives, a continued forum of discussion remains all the more invaluable. (It's like being in a perpetual liberal arts classroom--without the homework! =)

This is still quite new; and word still has to get around. But, taking indygodusk's cue, I think an alumnni lj community would be a great way to keep our fingers on the pulse of how our peers' views have been changing over the years--maybe inspire some lively intellectual debates as years go by! It could potentially burgeon into an awesome (and very powerful) global network! (One can dream! :)

So please join!

Comments, anyone? If you know of any other Whitman alumni of any class year, feel free to invite them. :)

I will write more when I'm not so sleeply...

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